Mercedes-Benz AMG Super Bowl Commercial Song 2017 – Easy Driver

Mercedes-Benz AMG Super Bowl Commercial 2017

Mercedes-Benz AMG Super Bowl Commercial 2017

Mercedes-Benz has released four 15-second teasers for its Super Bowl commercial, scheduled to run during the fourth quarter of the Big Game, on February 5.

The full spot, titled “Easy Driver” and launched with the hashtag #easydriver, to promote the AMG, one of the most sought-after vehicles in the world, includes various scenes with a bunch of middle-aged motorcyclists in the spotlight. One of the teasers, “Blocked In”, features several men with long hair, beards and lots of tattoos, hanging out in a bar, asking a fellow “Blocked In?”. The “Jukebox” teaser, released with the message “Stay tuned, things are about to get wild”, features a vynil record of Steppenwolf’s hit “Born to be Wild” selected to play. The full spot includes also a arm wrestle, judging by the third teaser, featuring two of the men testing their force. However, one of them helps himself by hitting his opponent in the top of the head with his own head, which makes the latter scream with rage. Eventually, there is also a door kick. The men in the bar, who seem to form a gang of motorcyclists (together with a woman), kick the door to get out and see something. We could assume that their motorcycles have been blocked in by a Mercedes AMG. But what will they do? This is the question. Well, we just have to wait until the Big Game to see what happens.

The automotive manufacturer reveals that an AMG engine is developed “not just to perform, but to outperform”, and describes it as “one of many high-performance weapons” in their engineering arsenal.

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