MailChimp MailShrimp Commercial 2017 – Mailboy eating shrimp sandwich

MailShrimp Commercial

MailShrimp Commercial

The email marketing company MailChimp has launched its first major ad campaign, created by Droga5, with three 60-second spots, which have titles that all sound kind of like MailChimp, but aren’t quite the same: MailShrimp, KaleLimp, and JailBlimp.

The 60-second “MailShrimp” spot features a young mailboy getting ready to eat a shrimp sandwich. He doesn’t start right away, though, because the shrimp inside the sandwich sings to him about his ambitions: “I’m more than a sandwich made of shrimp and I believe in myself. I’m not afraid, I’m not at win to be like you, mailboy. And one day I know I’ll become.. mailshrimp”.

The ad features a cameo from actor Petr Klimes, wearing a suit, who seems to be his boss.

This ad, as well as the other two, will run on TV starting February 20.

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