LG K10 Commercial 2017 – Wide Angle Selfies – Don’t Be Sorry

LG K10 Commercial 2017

LG K10 Commercial 2017

LG Mobile has released a new commercial, featuring the LG K10 and some of its most important features, allowing you to do wide angle selfies.

“Don’t be sorry anymore for leaving your loved ones out of the picture! Do wide angle selfies” – is the brand’s invitation in the 70-second spot, titled “Don’t be sorry”.

The video features several group selfies in which a person (and a dog, in one case) cannot be seen well because of the narrow camera angle. Those who appear in the photo (a group of graduate students, a group of friends taking a photo with the rainbow behind them, a father taking a photo while shaving, a couple and their dog taking a photo with the Aurora Borealis behind them, a family at the birthday party of the little girl) say “Sorry” to the “affected” one.

The spot features what the same selfies would look like if taken with wide angle and continues with showcasing the LG K10’s innovative features: fingerprint sensor, quick capture, 5MP wide angle selfie, 13MP rear camera, Tap & Shot feature, 2.5D ARC design, 5.3″ HD display, 7.9 mm slim design.

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