LEGO CITY Undercover (2017 Game) – Trailer Song

LEGO CITY Undercover (2017 Game)

LEGO CITY Undercover (2017 Game)

Xbox has released the first official trailer for LEGO CITY Undercover, inviting you to “join the chase this spring”.

The comedic action adventure video game follows Chase McCain, a police officer who goes undercover throghout LEGO City to hunt down Rex Fury, a notorious and recently escaped criminal, and bring him to justice. This open-world LEGO adventure promises a fun-filled experience for players of all ages, who have more than 20 unique districts to investigate and dozens of challenges to deal with, such as car thieves to bust, aliens to capture, lost pigs to rescue and vehicles to navigate. Players, taking on the role of McCain, have also various moves at their disposal, such as swinging across poles and performing wall jumps, donning disguises, piloting vehicles, and using bricks to build objects.

LEGO CITY Undercover will be released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One this spring.

The track used in the trailer is “Electric Groove” by Lazerhawk.

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