Kia Australian Open Commercial 2017 – Rafael Nadal with stringless racquet

Kia Australian Open Commercial 2017 - Rafael Nadal

Kia Australian Open Commercial 2017 – Rafael Nadal

Kia has released a new commercial inviting you to “be part of the Australian Open with your Power to Surprise”.

The spot, created with the idea that “everyone has power to surprise”, celebrates Kia’s status as the major sponsor of the event, with Rafael Nadal in the spotlight. The tennis player is shown swinging the racquet to hit the ball, but the racquet is without strings, so the ball falls down to the ground. While Nadal is looking at the racquet, trying to understand what happens, the camera moves away, featuring background images which reveal that he is at Melbourne. As various persons get to the tennis court and around it, we learn their identity thanks to the stringless racquet, providing their names. Thus, we find out the names of chair umpire, of line umpires, ballkids, and even of security guys.

When the chairs in the public are all occupied and it is announced that the match is about to start, the voiceover says “We are all ready to set the Australian Open” while all eyes are set on the two players on court and a red Kia speeds in the desert, and adds “everyone has the power to surprise”.

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