Just Eat Commercial 2017 – Man Talking to Potato

Just Eat Commercial 2017

Just Eat Commercial 2017

Just Eat has released a new commercial, highlighting that “the food you really want is just a tap away”.

The 30-second spot features a man in a bus talking to a potato he bought from the market. Actually, the latter is the one that starts the conversation, convincing the human to order the food he’s really in the mood for.

“Aha, pss, Paul, are you going to bake me?”, asks the potato.
“A… microwave, probably”, answers Paul, holding the potato in his left hand.
“Microwave-baked potato. Huh, what could be better? You know, really, what could be better?”, asks the potato.
“If you could have anything you want, Paul, what could be better than me?”, asks again the potato.

Paul then replies that he wants chicken and the potato, exclaiming that it’s a nice choice, advises him to have that. His “owner” doesn’t wait to be told twice and takes his phone out to order the meal at Just Eat.

The spot ends with the voiceover saying “The food you really want is just a tap away” and adding the brand’s tagline, “Just Eat – Find your flavour”.

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