Interflora Valentine’s Day Commercial 2017

Interflora Valentine's Day Commercial 2017

Interflora Valentine’s Day Commercial 2017

Interflora Australia has released a commercial for Valentine’s Day, highlighting that this day doesn’t have to be painful and inviting you to get organised ahead of it so that you wouldn’t have to invent all kind of excuses.

The 45-second spot, launched with the hashtag #nomoreexcuses, features Andy, a young man who sees, on his way home from work, a courier making a delivery of beautiful red roses and remembers it’s February 14. Given the fact that he didn’t get a gift for his better half and thinks that now it’s too late, he decides to hurt himself (really bad) in order to avoid ruining her day by admitting he forgot. He throws away his jacket, rips his shirt off, crawls on the ground, through leaves, dips his head in a small fountain, tips out a planter in his head, and finally hits his head with two container metallic lids.

The ad ends with Andy showing up at his girlfriend’s door looking as if he had the worst day ever and with the onscreen line “no more excuses”. “Valentine’s Day, Tuesday, 14th February” and Interflora’s logo are also on the screen.

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