IKEA Advert 2017 – Win at Sleeping

IKEA Advert 2017 - Win at Sleeping

IKEA Advert 2017 – Win at Sleeping

Ikea UK think that “everyone can improve their sleeping performance” with a little preparation, the right bed, and the right kit and this is why they have released a new advert, inviting you to “win at sleeping”.

The 60-second spot, part of the WonderfulEverynight campaign, features several persons of all ages doing their bedtime routine and jumping into their beds just like athletes. “The moment has come. I can feel no hesitation. You’re gonna go do what you’re prepared to do. There will be those that try and stop you (a small dog is featured running towards the bed and two little boys looking inquisitive). Let them try. This is your home. Now take it. Because tonight you’re gonna fight until you can’t fight no more. To Win at Sleeping” – says the voiceover using a tone specific for battle speeches, as if he tried to motivate people to actually fight and win at sleeping.

The advert ends with the people falling asleep in their beds and with the voiceover saying the brand’s new campaign tagline, “The Wonderful

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