H&M Commercial 2017 – Bring it on

H&M Commercial 2017 - Bring it on

H&M Commercial 2017 – Bring it on

Title: H&M – Bring it on

HP: “Don’t let fashion go to waste. Bring garments you no longer want, from any brand and in any condition, to your nearest H&M. We’ll make sure they get a new life. Go to hm.com to find out more about Garment Collecting and our way to sustainable fashion”.


Bring it on.
The torn stocking.
The stained T-shirt.
The discoloured panties.
The lonely sock, the washed out dress.
The thing that you never wore, this, and this, and that.
The thing with the colour that wasn’t your colour.
Bring it on.
The ruined sheet.
The old, the forgotten, the jeans that don’t fit anymore.
Brin your rags and we will deal with them.
Yes. let’s take it on, our mutual bad conscious.
Let’s load it, drop it, toss it, sort it, let’s squeeze it, stack it,
send it off to be worn by someone else, like her.. or him.
Suck the metals out of it.
Rip it. Grind it, tear it, tear it into smaller pieces.
Let’s shre it into fibres and stitch it into something new.
Let’s turn your unwearables into cloths or stuff them into car seats.
Let’s cut your jeans into pieces and make new jeans out of them.
Let’s collect the very dust from your leftovers and press it into cardboard.
Just bring it.
The useless, the misfit, the redundant, we’ll make sure that it gets what it deserves.
The only thing we will not do is waste it.

Bring your unwanted garments to any of our stores.
We’ll make sure they get a new life.
H&M – Together we can close the loop

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