Heinz Smunday Commercial 2017 – Make the Monday after Super Bowl a National Holiday

Heinz Smunday Commercial 2017

Heinz Smunday Commercial 2017

Heinz has launched a campaign called #Smunday, to make the day after the Super Bowl a National Holiday.

The marketers have released a video highlighting how hard it is for people to get back to work after the Big Game and inviting them to sign the petition to turn the Monday following Super Bowl into a National Holiday.

The spot starts with a man dressed in a Heinz Tomato Ketchup tub addressing his fellow Americans from a tribune. “Hello, America. We here, at Heinz, believe in never settling. Never settling with food. And never settling in life”. Mentioning that, “for the past 50 years, the greatest day on Earth has been followed immediately by the worst day on Earth”, he advances the idea – already tried before, but never implemented – of “making that Monday more like Sunday”. “You could be responsible for the creation of a new National Holiday”, continues the man his speech, inviting you to click the button, sign the petition initiated in this regard and send it to your friends and family and get them sign it (so that it could be sent to Congress).
“Do it for the next generation”, advises the Heinz man, revealing that on February 6 all the U.S.-based Kraft Heinz salaried employees will get the day off this year.
“Sign it. For your sanity. For your family. For your America”, he says as the video ends.

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