GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercial 2017 – Roomba Cats, Man with Tattoos, Horse Head & Sneezing Panda

GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercial 2017

GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercial 2017

The internet services provider GoDaddy has released four teasers for its SuperBowl commercial, titled “Good Morning”, raising four questions: “Who cleans up after Internet?”, “Who is Internet wearing?”, “Who is Internet?” and “Where does Internet live?”.

The protagonists of the spots, which illustrate how the Internet would look like it it was a person and showing the house of the Internet, are two “roomba cats” sitting on Roomba vacuums, a young man with his back full of tattoos of web references taking out two dresses from the dressing and trying to pick one, a man in a hula chair wearing a horse head and a sneezing panda, allergic to bamboo.

The full ad, 30-second long, promoting the company’s new GoCentral service, will run during a CBS special, on January 31.

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