Geico Tiki Barber Commercial – Tiki Barber’s Shop

Geico Commercial 2017 - Tiki Barber

Geico Commercial 2017 – Tiki Barber

Geico has released a new commercial, starring Tiki Barber owning a barber shop.

The 30-second spot, titled “Tiki’s Barber Shop: It’s Not Surprising”, features the former American football running back entering the shop to put his own spin on some clients haircuts. Using his quick feet and cutback skills, he manages to leave several guys with less hair, but not as they expected, and to scare a client waiting for his turn.

“Tiki Barber running a barber shop?” asks the voiceover, while on the screen viewers see Barber screaming “Yes” after “finishing” his job in just a few seconds. “Surprising”, continues the voiceover, adding “What’s not surprising? How much money David saved by switiching to Geico”. At this point, the New Yorker David is shown on the screen, holding a board in his hand with the value he saved, namely $610.

“15 minutes could save you 15% or more”, adds the voiceover in the spot, which ends with Barber asking “Who’s next?” and the next client running away.

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