GEICO Raccoons Commercial 2017 – Raccookin’ Back Alley Bread Bowl

GEICO Raccoons Commercial 2017

GEICO Raccoons Commercial 2017

Title: Raccookin’ Back Alley Bread Bowl

HP: “Our raccoons rang in 2017 with their signature Back Alley Bread Bowl. Find out how these garbage connoisseurs turned 2016’s trash into 2017’s gourmet treasure”.


One man’s trash is another raccoon’s New Year’s Eve nosh.
So today, we’ll be fixing the back alley bread bowl. Let’s get holiday raccookin’.
Start with a nice stale loaf. Dig out the center to make an exquisite edible container.
Now add wilted spinach. Whatever these are.
Sour cream. Expired cream cheese. Garlic gloves. Red stuff.
Shredded cheese that’s way past its prime.
Mix until it achieves a really weird consistency.
Oof that is just terrible.
Now top with some chopped circle things.
Bake in the oven for 15 minutes.
There we have it.
A party app sure to please any creature’s pallet.
And remember, always get your friends to try it.

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