Compare The Market Australia Commercial – New Light Fitting

Compare The Market Australia Commercial

Compare The Market Australia Commercial

The Compare the Meerkat ad campaign continues with a new advert, starring Sergei and Aleksandr, this time taking care of new light fittings.

The 30-second spot features the two suricates in a skyscraper, with Sergei changing a lightbulb in a huge chandelier, and Aleksandr having a conversation with a man (Tom) about electricity.

“Come on, Sergei. How long does it take to change the lightbulb?”, asks Aleksandr to Sergei, who’s on a ladder put on the desk to reach the chandelier.

Tom, who’s sitting at the desk, in front of Aleksandr, says that “lots of people spend more on electricity than they need to” and that “if they go to comparethemarket they could find a great deal and avoid getting shot by any price hike”.

At this point, Sergei intervenes, saying he has finished and putting his sunglasses on. Doing the same thing, Tom asks him if he’s sure about this (referring to turning the lights on given the huge number of lightbulbs on the chandelier).

“Three, two, one” – counts Aleksandr, and, after a second of light, there is a city-wide blackout.

The advert ends with the voiceover saying that “energy prices are changing in Victoria” and informing viewers that to switch and save they should call 13 32 32 to compare Energy. He also says the website’s tagline, “We’ve got your back. Simples”.

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