Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Katherine Heigl Commercial – PacifiKids

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid - Katherine Heigl

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid – Katherine Heigl

After Neil Patrick Harris and Kenny Wayne Shepherd, it was Katherine Heigl’s turn to be surprised by PacifiKids.

The PacifiKids surprise the 38-year-old American actress with the best baby shower gift ever, the new Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, and it looks like she wants to stay awhile. After she’s told she’ll be “the most stylish mom” in the hybrid minivan, which has room for the whole family, she pops in for a minute, and realizes it’s comfortable. One of the kids tells her the Pacifica Hybrid is so efficient she can get up to 33 miles with no gas and that it will definitely gets her wherever she needs to go.

“I’m thinking maybe we should just hang out here, watch a movie”, says Katherine, delighted by the car.

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