Budget Direct Commercial 2017 – Captain Risky’s Kangaroo

Budget Direct Commercial - Captain Risky's Kangaroo

Budget Direct Commercial – Captain Risky’s Kangaroo

Budget Direct has released a new commercial highlighting that its customers can easily solve their “sticky” situations thanks to the 24/7 phone claims service provided by Budget Direct.

The 30-second spot features a man who, after getting his car into a tree at night, uses the 4/7 phone claims service. “Accidents happen and whenever they do, Budget Direct customers get a 24/7 phone claims service”, says the voiceover, adding that “not everyone’s a Budget Direct customer”.

At this point, we get to see Captain Risky in a tree, after his small aeroplane crashed, asking the help of a kangaroo: “Hey, buddy, hop over to the farmhouse. Get Risky some help”. “Writing this down?”, asks Risky to the kangaroo, that’s chewing impassive and then leaves. “Hey, no, come back”, says Captain Risky dangling from the tree.

“Do you get a 24/7 phone service? Get more with Budget Direct”, says the voiceover at the end of the ad.

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