Bud Light Commercial Song 2017 – Best Friends Moments

Bud Light Commercial 2017

Bud Light Commercial 2017

“You’re not just drinking beers, you’re building friendships” – this is the tagline of the latest ad campaign launched by Bud Light to celebrate friendship.

The 60-second spot, titled “Between Friends”, features various seemingly insignificant little moments from the life of two best friends, such as eating junk food, playing video games, and even fighting, put together so that their words turn into a love declaration. In almost all of them, Bud Light was there, of course. “I’m not usually…I’ve never really been into this… soapy corny mushy garbage. You know what? I’m going for it. You are completely and utterly awesome.

Great. I’m glad you showed up in my life. I could never get through this world without you. You’re really close to my heart. I think I’m about to cry. Every single time I get down, there you are, you always have my back. I’m so glad you’re alive. It’s like all these tiny little things are serious and kind of important. You gotta hold it like a baby bird and… please be quiet. That’s something I would like to call… friendship”.

The track used in the ad is a piano performance of “Sweet Child of Mine”, performed by Treyce Montoya.

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