Best Buy Commercial 2017 – Anger Management

Best Buy Commercial - Anger Management

Best Buy Commercial – Anger Management

Best Buy has released a new commercial, highlighting that the Blue Shirts can help you save on your cellphone bill so that you could stop overpaying.

The 30-second spot titled “Anger Management” features an Anger Management meeting group, with Ron talking about his visit to Best Buy. “I just got back from Best Buy and learned that about 50% of people overpay on their cellphone bill” – is his introduction, which makes the participants express their anger in all kind of ways: one man rips the arms of his shirt off, an old lady takes the chair and smashes it against the floor, a woman makes a hole in the wall with her punch, another woman crushes the coffee cup she was holding. “But, then a Blue Shirt reviewed my cellphone plan and saved me $40 a month”, adds Ron still standing. The reaction of his fellows changes dramatically after hearing this. “Did you say $40 a month?”, asks smiling the woman who punched the wall and seemingly damaged a pipeline, as now water is gushing out from the wall right into her hair. “That’s a lot of money”, says the man who ripped the arms of his shirt off, arranging them.

The spot ends with the voiceover inviting you to visit a Best Buy store, where a Blue Shirt will analyze your cellphone bill and help find a plan that could save you money. Stop overpaying, it’a easy at Best Buy”.

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