Aldi TV Advert 2017 – Gerald the Giraffe

Aldi Advert - Gerald the Giraffe

Aldi Advert – Gerald the Giraffe

Aldi Ireland has released a new advert, comparing a basket of shopping at Aldi with Gerald, the Giraffe.

“We’re not going to compare basket prices today, we’re going to try something a little different”, says the voiceover at the beginning of the 20-second spot, adding: “We’re going to compare a full basket of shopping from Aldi with Gerald, the giraffe”. “As you can see, the Aldi basket (priced at £19.72), is on the floor, so really is quite low. Gerald, on the other hand, is really quite high. No comparison, really”, says the voiceover, adding at the end the supermarket chain’s tagline, “Everyday Amazing”.

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