2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Commercial – For Every Impossible

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Commercial

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Commercial

Jeep has released a new motivational commercial, featuring the 2017 Grand Cherokee, described as the car that “will take you on your every journey with grace”.

The 60-second spot, titled “For Every Impossible”, features the voiceover saying dozens of phrases meant to stop people from chasing their dreams.

“You’ll never. Don’t leap. You shouldn’t. Too steep. Not now. Not you. I wouldn’t. Don’t do. No chance. Too fast. Stop now. Won’t last. Turn back. Go slow. Quiet down”, says the narrator, while on the screen we get to see people who chose not to follow these “pieces of advice” and pursue their dream, with Jeep Grand Cherokee by their side.

“I know. These words could have stopped me. Nothing ventured or gained. Instead I kept going. Free to roam. Unrestrained”, adds the voiceover.

The ad ends with the onscreen lines “The 2017 Grand Cherokee” and “Jeep”.

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