Volkswagen Tiguan Advert – Laughing Horses

Volkswagen Tiguan - Laughing Horses

Volkswagen Tiguan – Laughing Horses

Volkswagen UK has released a new advert, featuring the new Tiguan, with Park Assist.

The 45-second spot, titled “Laughing Horses”, features a man trying to park his car, with a trailer attached, on a parking lot at a horse farm.

His attempts make the horses all around laughing out loud and even lying on the ground laughing.

When a new car shows up, with the driver intending to hit the same lot, the horses get ready for another round of laughter, but they are not given this chance. This time it’s a Volkswagen Tiguan with Park Assist, which makes parking a piece of cake.

The advert ends with the onscreen lines “Precision parking. The Tiguan with optional Trailer Assist”.

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