UNICEF David Beckham Tattoos Commercial – ENDviolence against children

UNICEF David Beckham Tattoos Commercial

UNICEF David Beckham Tattoos Commercial

UNICEF has released a new commercial starring its Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham to spread the message that “violence can mark children forever”.

The spot features actually the tattoos on the football legend’s body, which come to live to illustrate scenes of physical and emotional abuse that millions of children around the world experience in their homes, schools, online and in their communities, such as slaps, even beatings, sexual advances, bullying and so on.

“Violence marks forever” – says a child voiceover, followed by a male voiceover adding “Violence against children marks them forever. It’s wrong.

End it”. The ad, created by U.K. animation and production studio BlindPig and directed by Jonas McQuiggin, has been launched to highlight that too many people turn a blind eye to violence against children when this could actually be prevented by choosing to speak up when you see violence against a child.

“Silence is not an option”, “Ending violence against children is everybody’s business” – communicates UNICEF.

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