Toyota Corolla 2017 – Neon Retro Arcade

Toyota Corolla 2017

Toyota Corolla 2017

Title: Neon Retro Arcade

HP: “When you take the wheel, you realize that it is possible to have a job, a salary and play videogames all day long”.


Man: When people walk into Neon, it’s like an instant flashback to their youth.
Woman: As a kid, we had a local pizza joint, and a couple Fridays a month my parents would take us there to pick up
the pizza for dinner and, you know, there was pinball machines and video games.
That’s my first memory of really loving these games and just having a blast on a quarter.
Man: When we started out, not many people shared our vision. We heard so many people doubt what we were envisioning. And as we built the place from the ground up, converted the space, put the games in, all of a sudden people got it.
Woman: The one thing that I can say about this place is that everybody who walks in the door has a huge smile on their face. To me, success is just making yourself happy knowing that you wake up everyday and you’re really excied about what you’re doing.
Our life before Neon was completely different. There were definitey a lot of times where we mised out on things that were really important to our family.
I like to remember coming home and just feeling like I couldn’t breathe, like I was literally at the point where things were just spiraling out of control and I just needed to find a way to kind of get my life back.
Life is so much more than just a job, a slary. Being the individual who’s sitting behind the counter and have somebody walk in and ask for the owner..
I can’t tell you amazing it feels to be like “Yeah, that’s me”.

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