Thomson TV Advert Song – Frozen Moments

Thomson TV Advert

Thomson TV Advert

The UK-based travel operator Thomson has released a new TV advert, highlighting that “holidays are all about getting back to your true self and enjoying the moments that really matter”.

The 60-second spot, filmed at Thomson Platinum resort Aquila Rithymna Beach in Crete, features a little red curly-haired girl going from the beach to a swimming pool, to her father. Throghout her “journey”, there are different holiday moments “frozen” around her, including her dad holding his arms up in the pool to catch her, which showcase “that moment when time stands still and you wish you never had to grow up”.

The music playing in the background is an original composition created especially for the advert by Icelandic artist Biggi Hilmars.

The advert ends with the voiceover saying the company’s tagline, “Discover your smile”.

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