The Last Guardian Commercial – Living with Trico

The Last Guardian Commercial

The Last Guardian Commercial

PlayStation has released a new ad, promoting The Last Guardian, the action-adventure video game released worldwide at the beginning of this month.

The video invites you to take a glimpse into the world of the real life owners of Trico (a giant half-bird-half-mammal creature), and the everyday challenges they face by keeping him at home.

The young couple share their story, starting from how they got to have Trico and how they deal with him.
“Basically, we always wanted a pet”, says the woman.
“Well, it was her, really”, says her husband.
“I’m an animal person”, reveals the woman, adding that she wanted either a cat or dog or bird. On a wall we get to see photos of her with a dog, with a cat and a photo of Trico alone.
Her husband admits he didn’t want any of those animals.
“So we compromised and we got Trico”, says his wife, who specifies that he’s a “giant cat-dog-bird-griffin hybrid”.
While thuds can he heard from upstairs, the man says “Not really a compromise”. The next moment, something falls off almost in his head, making him close his eyes with resignation.
“I think having a pet changes you. We’ve learned not to be so precious. It’s only furniture”, says the woman. At this point, the filming angle gets
wider, allowing viewers to take a glimpse at the living room, which is a total mess, with the furniture, including TV, all damaged.
“Luckily, the neighbors have been so good”, says the woman. The video shows one of their neighbors finding his car wrecked.
Her husband shows to the reporter a photo of Trico (the cover of The Last Guardian, actually), highlighting that the real human boy next to Trico is pretty much the size of his snout.
“We’re so much happier now”, tells the woman while her husband walks Trico in the park. “I think people assume that having Trico is a bit of a
burden because of his size, but actually what they don’t realize is that he really is very gentle”, continues her the story, while behind her Trico’s “dad” is struggling to “manage” him.
When the woman is mentioning about how responsible they are as pet owners and always cleaning up Trico’s mess, her husband is shown carrying a huge garbage bag toward a small ashcan in the park.
“That’s what we have to look after. Every single day”, says him. In the same time, his wife praises the creature, describing her as “magnificent”, “stunning”, “big”, “gargantuan” and “wow”.

The video ends with the onscreen lines “Take Trico home this Christmas” and “The Last Guardian – Only on PlayStation 4”.

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