The Grand Tour: Episode 5 (Trailer Amazon Prime)

The Grand Tour: Episode 5

The Grand Tour: Episode 5

Title: The Grand Tour: Episode 5

HP: “A longer look at what’s to come in Episode 5 of The Grand Tour: Moroccan Roll. The Grand Tour travelling tent is in the port of Rotterdam, Holland from where Richard Hammond and James May introduce a twin test between two lightweight sports cars, the civilised Mazda MX5 and the stripped-out Zenos E10, against the stunning backdrop of Morocco. Unfortunately, the pair’s North African adventure is ruined by the arrival of the horribly dressed Jeremy Clarkson in the horribly expensive Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. Also in this show, Hammond and May attempt to reinvent a traditional board game by playing it with cars’.


Netherlands – Rotterdam

The Dutch are the tallest people on the Earth.
I hate it here.

On the road in Morocco

Right, we need to think this through.
How are you going to get it on there?
It’s going to jump.
It’s getting ready you can tell.
Up you come.
How does it look to him?

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