Target Christmas Commercial – The Toycracker (John Legend and Chrissy Teigen)

Target Christmas Commercial - The Toycracker

Target Christmas Commercial – The Toycracker

Target has released the highly-anticipated spectacular holiday production The Toycracker.

The nationwide debut of the mini-musical inspired by The Nutcracker took place on Sunday, December 11, at 8pm ET on ABC, during the network premiere of Disney’s “Frozen”.

The eight-minute production, starring John Legend as the Rat King and Chrissy Teigen as the Nutcracker and featuring cameos from some of the season’s hottest toys, has been looked with critic eyes by some, because of a little girl complaining about the lack of wifi when millions of children worldwide have no food, clothing or water.

The musical does not lack funny scenes, one of them being represented by a toy who asks Siri if it’s Christmas already. Another scene is the song battle between Rat King and the Nutcracker, while all the toys around them dance.

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