Taco Bell Commercial – Future Father Of The Year

Taco Bell Commercial - Evan

Taco Bell Commercial – Evan

Taco Bell has released the fourth episode in its Taco Tales series.

Titled “Future Father of the Year”, the film features the “adventures” of Evan, a soon-to-be father trying to satisfy his pregnant wife’s craving for Cheesy Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell. He gets the food, but he “loses” it on the way back home because, one day, his car breaks down and the transporter is willing to accept a Taco Bell meal for the service and the day after, when he gets the bike, he has an incident on the road.

He finally succeeds to get back home with the Cheesy Crunch the third day, when he goes by car with a friend and fights with the drone of a neighbor who also wants the Taco Bell meal.

When his wife asks him what happened, he just says “long story” because she wouldn’t believe it anyway, given the fact that she didn’t believe the first two stories either.

“Now I don’t know if on that day Evan became an hero because what’s a hero? But he certainly became a “Future Father of the Year”, says the narrator at the end of the episode.

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