Sonic Drive-In Lil’ Grillers Commercial – Man in Bathrobe

Sonic Drive-In Lil' Grillers

Sonic Drive-In Lil’ Grillers

Sonic Drive-In has released a new commercial, inviting you to get comfortable with Sonic’s new Lil’ Grillers, which are snack-size grilled cheeses, with a starting price of just 79 cents.

The 30-second spot features two men in a car at Sonic Drive-In, talking about the new Lil’ Grillers.
“These Lil’ Grillers are the ultimate snack with grilled cheese”, says one of them, wearing a bathrobe.
“So great, man. Like the perfect comfort food”, adds the other.
“Ya, I know. And I’m all about comfort”, says the first one, highlighting how he’s all about comfort by listing what he’s wearing: triple cotton T-shirt, bathrobe, and fluffy bunny slippers.
“But, yeah, it’s kind of weird that you leave the house down in your pajamas”, says the other man.
“Oh, no, man, this is business casual”, answers the first one.
“What business?”, asks his interlocutor.
“Nunya”, replies the man in the bathrobe.
“Nunya business?”, asks again the other, realizing the second after what this means (“None of your business”).

The commercial ends with the voiceover inviting you to get comfortable from breakfast to bedtime with new Lil’ Grillers starting at 79 cents and saying the brand’s tagline, “This is how you Sonic”.

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