Slim Jim Commercial – Greg the Genie – Job Interview

Slim Jim Commercial - Job Interview

Slim Jim Commercial – Job Interview

Title: Greg the Genie: Interviewing with Stronger References

HP: “Sometimes the difference between landing the job and a dozen more interviews is just one strong reference. Greg the Genie has two”.


Woman: So you worked at a snack shack in 2010?
Man: Yes, I did.
Woman: That’s funny. It says here it was 2008.
Man: I’m so nervous. Wish I didn’t have to answer all thes tough questions.
Greg the Genie: I’ve been willed into existence. That is always so scary.
Man: Sorry. Thought I saw.. a moth.
Greg the Genie: What? Alright. I’m Greg the Genie, I’m not a great genie, but I am a genie, so I’m gonna grant
your Slim Jim wish, okay?
Oh, she can’t see me or hear me. Don’t worry about that.
Let’s see.. uhh..
You put ‘stocking shelves’ as one of your strenghts?
She’s not even thinking about you right now. You need stronger references.
Okay? Let’s get to this wish!
Here they are, Vasyl and Dimitri. I use these guys on a lot of wishes.
Woman: Who are these people?
Man: Uhh.. these are my.. references.
Woman: Where did you work with them?
Man: Post Office.
Dimitri: Sam biggest weakness.. he perfectionist.
vasyl: He fights bear with a piece of sharp rock.
Greg the Genie: This is tense.
Man: This is tense.
(Breaking stapler).
(Breaking pencil).
Woman: I like the cut of your jib. You’re hired.
Greg the Genie: Yeah! oh! Oh Yeah! Yes! This is a great Wish!
Snap into a Slim Jim.
I love when friends become friends.
Man: We’re friends now?
Greg the Genie: Who?
Man: Me and you.
Greg the Genie: No, no, no. You’re friends with them and they’re friends with you.
I don’t have friends, I’m a genie, jeez.
What is your problem?

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