Porsche Goodbye to Audi Commercial Song – Thank you, Audi

Porsche Commercial - Thank you, Audi

Porsche Commercial – Thank you, Audi

Porsche has released a new commercial in response to Audi’s announcement that, after 18 successful years of Endurance Racing, they are pulling out.

The spot, titled “Our way to say goodbye – Thank you, Audi”, starts with a scene from 2014, when Audi “wrote” “welcome back” outside Porsche’s headquarters to welcome them back to Le Mans. The spot continues with the protagonist, a peasant in a Porsche tractor who hears the news about Audi’s withdrawal from top level endurance racing, going to Stuttgart, to change the writing from outside Porsche’s headquarters. Thus, arrived there, he starts washing the pitch until the letters “WEL” disappear and the message “COME BACK” remains. For Audi, of course.

The video ends with the onscreen lines “Thank you Audi for the great fights. We hope you will come back one day to challenge us again”.

The track used in the commercial is “Up Where We Belong” by Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes.

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