Philips Spider-Man Commercial Song – Everyday Hero

Philips Spider-Man Commercial

Philips Spider-Man Commercial

Philips has used Spider-Man to create a new, touching commercial, highlighting that “there’s always a way to make life better”.

The protagonist of the 90-second spot is actually a regular young man, who works as a window washer at a hospital, but his desire to improve people’s lives makes him dress up a Spider-Man costume. Thus, we get to see a totally different Spider-Man, in situations that we all have been through, such as running late for work, have the taxi stolen from in front of us, taking a crowded bus, helping an old man carry his heavy bag, taking the stairs because there is no room left in the elevator.

As the ad ends, we see Spider-Man putting safety rope around him and descending on the facade of a skyscraper to clean out the windows of a salon where several children are institutionalized. They all get closer to the window and look amazed at the superhero in front of them.

“At Philips we see healthcare differently. There’s always a way to make life better” – are the final onscreen lines.

The track playing in the background is called “Revolution” and is performed by Leah Siegel.

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