Oreo Christmas Commercial – Oreo Cookies for Santa

Oreo Santa Commercial

Oreo Santa Commercial

Oreo invites you to “Believe in Wonder” in its Christmas commercial, starring a little girl and Santa.

The spot features a little girl who leaves Oreo cookies and milk for Santa and sleeps on the couch from the living room, hoping that she would see him this year. Her wish almost comes true as she winds up almost getting a glimpse of him while he enjoys the treat. If the glass of milk is still full, the three Oreo cookies left on a small plate, near a note with the message “For Santa”, have vanished, which reveals how tempting, hard-to-resist and good they are.

A child voiceover sings a nice song, with the following lyrics:
Wonder if this Christmas Eve
I could show him I believe?
When I set out this treat he’ll know
Thank you Oreo!

The commercial ends with the brand’s tagline, “Wonderfilled”.

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