Optimum Commercial – Little Shop of Horrors – Carnivorous plant

Optimum Commercial - Carnivorous plant

Optimum Commercial – Carnivorous plant

Optimum has released a new commercial highlighting that, with its Premier Protection and Support services, all your devices have unlimited expert help, over the phone and remotely.

The spot features the couple Bob and Linda, Optimum clients who love musicals, and their “pet”, Audrey II, from their favorite movie, Little Shop of Horrors. “We just got Optimum Premier Protection and Support, protection for our devices and expert help, putting them all up”, says Linda.

“I can’t wait for that Optimum guy to get here”, says Audrey II, specifying that he’s hungry. Linda’s husband intervenes, mentioning that they will actually get expert help over the phone and remotely, which means no one’s going to be on Audrey’s dinner plate.

“Now what the heck am I going to eat?”, asks the plant from the musical horror comedy movie. “Hey, let’s call the plumber”, suggests, but Linda gives him a straight and clear “no”.

The spot end with the voiceover saying the brand’s tagline “Let’s connect more” and inviting you to protect your devices today.

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