Lenovo Yoga Book Commercial – The Christmas Tree

Lenovo Yoga Book Commercial

Lenovo Yoga Book Commercial

Lenovo has released a new commercial promoting the Yoga Book, the 2-in-1 tablet that gives you the power to create and digitize the important memories.

The spot features a young girl who makes a sketch of the Christmas tree she wants to have and searches for it, together with her parents, at a dedicated market. Even though the piece of paper she drew on gets blown by the wind, the girl does not lose the sketch because the Yoga Book saved it. On the way back home, with no Christmas tree in the back of the car, the family stops somewhere because the girl found the Christmas tree she drew.

Lenovo Yoga Book enables you to make notes or sketches using a stylus with real ink, type on the Halo keyboard that appears when you need it and vanishes when you don’t. Available with Windows, this device, which brings the mobile productivity into a new era, has a starting price of $349.99.

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