KFC Christmas TV Advert – Brexit Nativity

KFC UK Christmas TV Advert

KFC UK Christmas TV Advert

KFC UK has launched the Christmas ad campaign, celebrating people coming together and enjoying the fast-food chain’s meals despite their differences.

In one of the adverts, titled “Brexit Nativity”, a school putts on a Brexit-themed version of the birth of Christ, where kids wave EU flags, Union Jacks and signs saying “Vote Inn”.

The 60-second spot, created by creative agency BBH, features headmistress Parsons and the drama teacher eating in the backstage the Colonel’s Christmas burger. The narrator tells us that, even though she thinks that “Nativity is any place for politics” and that “most parents would rather see their child in Bethlehem, not Brussels”, she agrees with him on the great taste of the above mentioned burger.

The adverts ends with the voiceover saying “Colonel’s Christmas burger – It’s finger lickin’ good”.

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