jetBlue Christmas Commercial – 1-855-REFRESH

jetBlue Commercial

jetBlue Commercial

The American low-cost airline jetBlue has released a new commercial, promoting the Holiday Before The Holidays campaign, which might bring you, with just a simple call, a holiday before the holidays.

In the 59-second spot, the voiceover invites you to call 1-855-REFRESH, if you are stressed, irritable and exhausted, for the chance to win a holiday before the holidays. His promise is quite seductive: “you’ll return recharged and refreshed in time for the actual holidays”.

The video features a man in his apartment, looking at a vintage TV and seeing a man before and after winning a holiday, whose face looks, obviously, different after, with a big smile on it.

“Call now. What are you waiting for? Just look at this beach!”, says the voiceover, highlighting again that “you’ll return happy and refreshed” just like the people on display.

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