Hasbro Beyblade Burst Commercial Song – The Player

Beyblade Burst Commercial

Beyblade Burst Commercial

Title: Beyblade Burst – The Player


You’re here, you’re ready, this is the night
This is the moment to show off your might
Step into the cage and unleash the rage
Prove to em’ all, you own this stage

From all sides, take their hits
Fighting back until they call it quits
Don’t back down till you’re on top
No matter the enemy, just don’t stop

Stay the course, you got a lot to prove
Take em out with your battle moves
Bring on one, bring em all
You won’t rest until they fall

Burst! Beyblade Burst!

Gotta work hard to bring the pain
Study the specs, practice, train
When you reach the end of the road
It’s time to enter battle mode!

Final run has just begun
You gotta stay tough it’s one-on-one
All that work, now see what you’re worth
If you wanna finish first
Make them burst

To be the best
To be the first

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