GoPro Commercial Song – Best of 2016 – A Year in Review

GoPro Commercial

GoPro Commercial

GoPro has released a new commercial, inviting you to rewind through the best of 2016.

The video includes images immortalized by GoPro cameras throughout epic adventures or simple family outings. You are invited to follow along through the GoPro lens as Matt Mingay takes the track on two wheels, as Julia Mancuso shreds a mountain with her mother and as Devin Williams sinks basket after basket. Among the other moments captured with GoPro there are a concert, a trio on a boat in the middle of a mountain lake, hikers reaching the top of a mountain, a couple enjoying the view from an air balloon, a young woman smiling on a boat, on the sea, a skydive, a kids dance, a kayak paddler “battling” with a waterfall, people doing extreme sports and facing extreme weather.

The track used in the ad is “Polar Bear” by Morillo.

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