Destinology Advert Song – The Extra Mile – Family Holiday in St. Lucia

Destinology TV Advert - The Extra Mile

Destinology TV Advert – The Extra Mile

The multi-award winning UK luxury holiday company Destinology has released a new advert, pointing out that their travel experts know “it’s the tiny moments and special touches that can make a holiday extra special”.

The spot, created like a short film and titled “The Extra Mile”, starts with a man who finds an old photo of him as a child and his father, taken at Saint Lucia. His wife, who understands his feeling of nostalgia, decides to make him a surprise and organise, with the help of Destinology, a trip to the place where the respective photo has been taken, on the sovereign island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea, with a mountain in the background. It is there that her husband takes a new photo, but this time with his son, who has the same age he had when he went there with his dad.

The advert features parts of their holiday in St. Lucia, starting with the apartment they get at the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort, with pool and an amazing view. The couple and their little boy have breakfast at a local on the beach, sunbath holding hands while watching the kid playing in the pool, and go on a roadtrip, after the woman receives from a Destinology travel experts the coordinates to the spot she wants to get to together with her husband and their son. It is there that the man remains almost breathless, looking at the old photo and reliving the moment of his childhood. New memories are created now as he takes a photo with his son in the same place.

The song used in the ad is “High Hopes” performed by Jemma Johnson.

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