David Jones Cate Blanchet Commercial – How Do You Christmas?

David Jones Commercial - Cate Blanchet

David Jones Commercial – Cate Blanchet

David Jones has released the Christmas commercial, highlighting that “however you Christmas, the possibilities are endless at David Jones”.

The 90-second spot, created in collaboration with creative agency TBWA Sydney and directed by Nick Ball, stars Cate Blanchett, who is also the narrator.

“How do you Christmas? You do it early? Like January early? You don’t do it early. Maybe you still believe. Maybe you’re not sure yet. You do it low key. It still counts. You go large. You go…ok, well, that really is large. You do it dressy. Always tiptoes. Hey, you do know it’s 34 outside, right? (asks to a family celebrating Christmas wearing warm sweaters even though it’s a hot day). You do it together. You do the whole nine yards. You do it bakes stuff plays shaved pasting tasting crispy topping crackers popping champagne toasting terrible joking and then you do the dishes. And you do them well, Martin, because they’re the fancy ones, the ones we only bring out when it’s Christmas” – says the Australian actress, while on the screen images of people Christmassing in their own way are shown.

As the ad comes to an end, we see Cate as she wakes up at 4.13 AM on the Christmas day, after her little daughter shouts that “It’s Christmas!”. “Well, I guess this is how we do it”, says Cate from her bed, looking at the camera.
The final onscreen line is “One Name: Endless Possibilities. David Jones”.

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