Credit Karma Commercial – Lost Baby Wolfman

Credit Karma Commercial - Baby Wolfman

Credit Karma Commercial – Baby Wolfman

Credit Karma has released a new commercial highlighting that understanding credit is the first step toward your financial health and future.

“Your credit score can be scary, but really it’s like a lost baby wolfman” – says the voiceover in the 60-second spot, featuring a young man who finds a baby wolfman lost in a forest and takes him home, where he cares for him carefully, as if he were his child.

“He needs your love to survive. At first, he can be hard to understand. But you start to figure him out. You take care of him, nurture him, helping him grow big and strong” – says the voiceover while on the screen viewers can see the new dad trying to feed the baby wolfman with milk, and discovering the little one is actually willing to eat meat, cradling him and then putting him slowly in his crib, brushing gently his chest and learning that the “lil’ monster” dislikes that, spending time with him and finding a new home when he grows older.

“And when the day comes, he’s ready to bounce” – tells the voiceover, adding the company’s tagline “Credit Karma – Take care of your score now so it’s strong and ready to bounce”.

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