Compare the Meerkat Advert Song – Oleg’s Dream – Frozen Toys

Compare the Meerkat TV Advert - Oleg's Dream

Compare the Meerkat TV Advert – Oleg’s Dream

Compare the Meerkat has released a new advert, promoting the collection of limited edition toys inspired by Disney’s 2013 movie Frozen.

The 60-second spot features baby meerkat Oleg, who dreams of himself playing in the snow with his new little friend Ayana as Olaf and Princess Elsa. The two little friends build a snow cat, skate on ice, and fight with snowballs, while in the background the song “Let It Go”, from the film’s soundtrack, performed by Idina Menzel, is playing. As the ad comes to an end, we see Oleg waking up when a huge snowball is transformed by Ayana, who has in his dream Elsa’s power, in dozens of smaller snowballs. Realizing that it has been a dream, he turns around and goes to sleep again next to his friend.

The advert ends with the voiceover inviting you to get your Meerkat Movies Limited Editions Frozen Toy and to visit their website.

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