Commercial – Polar Bear

Bluebella Commercial - Polar Bear Commercial – Polar Bear has released a new commercial, promoting its services and highlighting that “for saving on car insurance, nothing else compares”.

The 30-second spot starts with a man dressed in a black suit who asks his assistant to beam in an average citizen. The latter shows up almost naked, covered with just a towel, as if he were taken from the shower.

“We’ve beamed in an average citizen to demonstrate an amazing technology,, where you can compare up to 50 car insurance rates and pick the lowest”, says the man in the suit.
“Damn, I pay more than that”, says the average citizen, seeing lower prices on the screen.
“Just like that you’re saving money”, exemplifies the representative, asking then to his assistant to send the man home.

Unfortunately for the man, there is a problem in the process and he is sent for a moment at the North Pole, very close to a polar bear.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying “ – for saving on car insurance, nothing else compares”.

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