Co-op Food Christmas TV Advert

Co-op Christmas TV Advert

Co-op Christmas TV Advert

Co-op Food has released the Christmas advert, reminding us of the holiday joys and highlighting the role food plays in making Christmas an especially wonderful time of year.

The 60-second spot features real families, friends, couples and community groups from UK, while in the background a female voiceover says: “There’s nothing quite like Christmas. Suddenly we’re doing so much more fun stuff.

Everyone’s getting together: friends, family, work mates, neighbors, even relative strangers. Everyone’s laying down there and, why not, this only happens once. Champagne corks start popping out, mince pies get shared about, those chocolates don’t hang about come out and we always finish with cheese. That’s Christmas fire. But what if it could do more? Imagine if the good times had by you and yours then helping our local cause, so that something for you is also something for your community. Wouldn’t that make you feel even more Christmassy?”.

The advert ends with the onscreen line “Food that gives money back to local causes”.

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