Bris Christmas Commercial Song – Girl with Robot

Bris Christmas Commercial - Girl with Robot

Bris Christmas Commercial – Girl with Robot

The Swedish NGO Bris – Children’s Rights in Society has released a heartwarming Christmas commercial to promote the new chat bot service Brisbot, which is like a regular helpline, available in the mobile phone on messaging platforms, providing professional counseling for children in the chat.

The short film, titled “We make Christmas less lonely” and created by the Stockholm-based advertising agency Garbergs, features a young girl whose last day in school before the Christmas break gives her a feeling of hopelessness and loneliness.

With a little robot in her hands, that she carries around throughout the ad, the girl goes home and, after watching TV, she falls asleep with him near her.

When her mother shows up at her bedside and then leaves, we get to see that the robot was actually a smartphone and, implicitly, a metaphor for the chat service Brisbot that she had used to talk about her feelings.

As the ad comes to an end, with the tagline “We Make Christmas Less Lonely”, Bris highlights that, now, kids can chat with Brisbot on Kik and Facebook.

The track playing in the background is the English version of “Du Gråter Så Store Tåra”, a 2011 single of Norwegian artist Ane Brun.

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