WWF UK Christmas Advert 2016 – Protect Tigers Campaign

WWF Tiger Christmas Advert 2016

WWF Tiger Christmas Advert 2016

WWF invites you to become a Tiger Protector in their Christmas advert, promoting the #iProtectTigers campaign and featuring an injured tiger who is nursed back to health by a family living in a suburban home.

The 60-second spot, directed by award-winning Martin Stirling, shows how all the family members make all they can to help the iconic animal get better: the mother cleans out his wound and feeds him, the little girl draws up especially for him a “Get well soon” card, which she places on the nightstand, and she reads him stories, her brother and her father brood over him until he gets better and returns to the wilderness.

As the adverts comes to its end, we see the tiger, created using CGI technology, leaving the family home and going into the wilderness, but showing his gratitude by looking back to those who helped him.

“They need you” – says the WWF, adding that you can become a Tiger Protector for a £5 month donation.

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