Vodafone Australia MyMix It Commercial

Vodafone Australia Commercial - MyMix It

Vodafone Australia Commercial – MyMix It

Vodafone Australia has launched a new ad campaign, promoting MyMix personalised plans, allowing customers to pick and choose a combination of calls and data, plus international calls and the expiry period for the credit.

The campaign includes two spots, 30-second long each, one of them featuring “Your face when someone else decides what’s right for you…”, at a hair salon, and the other one empowering you, with the mention that “Only you should decide what’s right for you”, featuring people who know what they want and ask specifically for it, at the hair salon, as they know what’s right for them.

The first ad shows the faces of several people who look at themselves in the mirror, to see their new haircut. The look on their faces is… let’s just say “priceless”.

The voiceover invites you to MyMix it and personalise your plan, choosing, for instance, a plan with more data to avoid paying for stuff you don’t want, and to make a move to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with water-resistance and low-light camera. “MyMix it and Make It Personal” – says the voiceover at the end.

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