Titanfall 2 Trailer Song – Grace – Bang Bang, My Titan Shot Him Down (Lyrics)

Titanfall 2 - Become One

Titanfall 2 – Become One

Title: Titanfall 2 – Become One

HP: “Pilot and Titan must Become One in the sequel to Respawn’s genre redefining Titanfall. The incredible speed of a Pilot with the devastating size of a Titan; when two combine, none remain”.

Trailer Song: Grace – Bang Bang, My Titan Shot Him Down (Written by Sonny Bono)


From one fight on to the next
Two outlaws ride, their weapons flexed
One is quick, the other’s tall
Together they’ll kill them all

Bang bang, they shot them down
Bang bang, they hit the ground
Bang bang, they torched the rest
Bang bang, with lasers from their chest

Bang bang, their kill counts rise
Bang bang, their enemies die
Bang bang, better hit the ground
Bang bang, here’s the rocket sound

Bang bang, two legends one legacy
Bang bang, surrounded by enemies
Bang bang, go ahead and cry
Bang bang, you’re all about to die

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