Tiffany & Co. Christmas Commercial Song 2016

Tiffany & Co. Christmas Commercial

Tiffany & Co. Christmas Commercial

Tiffany & Co. has released the holiday 2016 ad campaign, starring Elle Fanning, inviting you to “make the world sparkle”.

The 60-second spot titled “Make The World Sparkle” is a suggestion to offer a gift that lights someone up with joy, highlighting that, in this season of warmth and generosity, a gift from Tiffany is truly magical because, a part the sparkling present from the Blue Box, upon receiving it, the whole world of the “lucky” one lights up and becomes a brighter place.

The commercial launched by the renowned jeweler, capturing the spirit of a Tiffany holiday, puts the viewers in the Christmas mood, with the NY streets covered in snow and children near the Christmas tree. But the star in this commercial is actress Elle Fanning, who sports the brilliant Tiffany Victoria collection, the Tiffany Soleste ring and the new Tiffany T Square Bracelet with princess-cut diamonds.

The track used in this ad is “Mi Negra Ave MarĂ­a” by Roberto Fonseca.


She was a daffodil peddler
Dallying in petals as only a floraphile can
And I saw her on the brink of the water
Where the waves lit the earth
Wet the sands
There have been a thousand boats
That have crossed this water
And we have lived through a million storms
And with all the thunder that has crashed the buildings
Set fire to trees, and scorched this earth
We are still here
And are learning patience
Despite our foibles, and the human curse
And yes maybe
Just maybe
We can return to the land of animals
Four footed walkers,
And we, two footed creatures
Can find a way to be as wise…

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